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for QuickBooks, Microsoft, and other applications

Provide your clients with a highly secure and stable environment to run a more efficient business with our hosting services. Cloud hosting provides the convenience of accessing the accounting system, important documents, and additional applications from a PC, Laptop, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. The server is fully maintained and supported to alleviate the headache and burden of local IT support and the costs having to install and maintain expensive desktop equipment.

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A secure environment

Your data protection is our number one priority. Our servers feature industry standard power, cooling, and infrastructure to ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible. Along with a staff that is available to help when needed, our hosting provides security measures to further protection. Our servers are the perfect spot to build a foundation for your business.


Our staff is certified in multiple versions of QuickBooks

Superior Support from Recur360 Technologies

Symbiont Service Corp

"Andrew is one of the few professionals I've encountered whose goal in each encounter has been to bring us to completion. Most consultants and reps have a singular goal of closing the file, ending the call, and moving on. What makes Andrew unique is that he understands the value of finishing first time, and being sure the customer has everything needed and a full understanding of how to operate the system first."

Rick Krieger
Symbiont Service Corp


Our staff is certified in multiple versions of QuickBooks

Benefits of Hosting With Us

Hosting your data in the cloud is a beneficial way to add efficiency to your business. This makes it possible for you have quick and easy access to your financial data.

  • Unlimited US Based Support

  • Ability to host all versions of QuickBooks Desktop

  • 3rd Party Applications

  • Live technical support available

  • Fully equipped with Microsoft Office Suite

  • Redundant connection backed up

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Automatic Backups of the Entire Environment Made Nightly
Operating Requirements

In order to connect into our servers, you must be running Windows 10 on your local PC(s) with Remote Desktop Client 10.0.

Printers no older than 3 years are recommended to guarantee functionality with our Remote Desktop Servers. The printer must be a "Business" quality type printer. Home and photo printers are no recommended. Some older printers might work, but we can not guarantee functionality with newer versions of QuickBooks.

Internet Requirements

A 100 MB connection will be available for you to access your data and files. Your specific connection can only be as fast as your local connection. If you would like to check your local internet connection, please check and discover what your download and upload speeds are.

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