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Our specialized IT consulting team knows how to take your business to the next level. We can add new technology and frameworks to your systems to accelerate your digital workflow.

What we can offer:

  • Remote monitoring for Updates/Antivirus
  • Internet Access -- Management of existing routers and firewalls providing Internet access. In the event of Internet service interruptions, RECUR360 will troubleshoot the cause and take appropriate measures to restore service, including working with the Internet Service Provider.
  • Server / Active Directory / Office 365 Administration -- Provide system administration such as adding users, deleting users and resetting passwords.
  • Server/Workstation Management -- Provide server management services. This may include, but is not limited to: installation of Service Packs, critical OS updates, BIOS / firmware updates, driver updates and monitoring and management of server drive space.
  • Physical Network Connectivity -- Manage existing physical network connectivity among CLIENT facilities and CLIENT users, including the network jacks, wiring and switches to enable each CLIENT user to connect to the CLIENT Network. RECUR360 will also assist with specifying details and requirements for new data cabling as well as moves and changes to existing cabling, but the services required to make the changes will fall outside the scope of this agreement.
  • Software Licensing -- Manage and maintain the CLIENT licensing agreements for selected software applications.
  • E-mail -- Administer and manage the Microsoft Exchange Server that provides e-mail services for all CLIENT employees.
  • Firewall -- Manage and maintain the currently deployed firewall solution. Internet related unauthorized access and security issues will be monitored..
  • Help Desk Support -- Provide help desk support for all users.. RECUR360 will receive and log all calls, e-mails and other requests on a 24 hour per day, seven (7) day per week basis. After normal business hours (8am to 5pm CST, Monday through Friday), calls to will be routed, based on a caller-defined level of urgency, to either voicemail, for action on the next business day, or to the on-call engineer, for urgent calls that require immediate response. Please see the section Issue Severity Levels and Response Times for further details.
  • Remote Access -- Virtual Private Network (VPN) access will be made available for approved remote CLIENT users with Internet access.
  • Wireless Access -- Administer and manage the existing wireless access point(s) at CLIENT, ensuring that appropriate measures have been taken to secure this avenue of entrance to the CLIENT network.
  • Backup Services -- Implement a backup system for the data stored on the network servers. Individual mailboxes stored on the Exchange Server will be backed up. Data stored locally on workstations will not be backed-up. CLIENT will designate a Backup Administrator who will be responsible for changing backup devices (tapes, hard drives, etc) and checking backup logs, as well as storing backup devices off-site. RECUR360 will check backup logs on a weekly basis, and will test the backup devices with the Backup Administrators assistance on a monthly basis. RECUR360 will manage data restore operations, should it become necessary.
  • Desktop Support Services -- RECUR360 will manage the workstation operating systems and supported software for desktops including standard desktop accessories (printer, scanner, hand-held device, etc).
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