Automated invoicing software that integrates with Avalara AvaTax

RECUR360 and Avalara AvaTax

We've worked with the team at Avalara AvaTax to bring automated sales tax compliance in RECUR360. RECUR360's AvaTax integration will automatically calculate sales tax using your existing Avalara account based on the products and services you sell. The integration will add sales tax to invoices created in RECUR360 or to invoices created/imported into QuickBooks and sync'd into RECUR360.

Note: You will need an existing Avalara Avatax account in order to use our Avalara Avatax integration

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Certified with Avalara for AvaTax Sales Tax Calculation and Address Verification Services.

Our integration works on our platform for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online users. You no longer need to install the native Avalara software integration onto your local PCs that have QuickBooks Desktop installed nor do you need to add the Avalara/AvaTax app to your QuickBooks Online.

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Overview of the integration:

Detailed walk through and setup:

Calculating sales tax with Avalara AvaTax in RECUR360

Tax compliance in RECUR360 made easy

RECUR360's AvaTax integration will automatically calculate sales tax using your existing Avalara account within the localities that you have Sales Tax Nexus setup in for Products and Services that you have defined as Taxable. We use our own R360-AvaTax Sales Tax item on each transaction so that you can differentiate which transactions should have AvaTax calculate sales tax on. This allows you to control if you want our system to be the tax calculator vs. QuickBooks so that it doesn't overlap if AvaTax is integrated with QuickBooks or a Shopping Cart already. This also will reduce your API calls through AvaTax.

Whether you create/generate all of your Recurring or One Time Invoices within RECUR360 or if you create/import Invoices directly into QuickBooks first, once they sync into RECUR360 we'll handle the Sales Tax Calculation, updating the invoice, emailing it to the customer as well as processing any payments against it.

How to get started

If you have an existing Avalara/AvaTax account, our onboarding team will:

RECUR360 to Avalara's API with your existing account credentials

the R360-AvaTax Sales Tax Item and Service Items in your QuickBooks item list and map them to RECUR360

you on mapping your Items, Products and Services, individually or by category, to AvaTax's Sales Tax Codes

a CSV mapping file from AvaTax into RECUR360 if it has been mapped there already

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