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Automatically generate late fees, convenience fees, and more, and apply them to invoices.

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Simplify and automate your recurring charges and credits.

Effortlessly handle a wide range of financial transactions, including late fees, credit memos, unapplied payments, and even convenience fees. Streamline your billing process by automatically applying these charges and credits, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your invoicing. Embrace the simplicity and automation that RECUR360 brings to your financial workflows.

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Convenience Fees

Create convenience fees and auto apply them to invoices. Define which item to use in QuickBooks when a fee is enabled. Choose to apply it to Credit Card, ACH, or all transactions.

Customize Convenience Fee Per Customer or Invoice

You can choose to override Convenience Fees on an invoice or a customer.

Add Convenience Fees for Any Payment Automatically

Add convenience fees for Credit Cards, ACH or any invoice payment automatically when a payment is processed.

Set convenience fee based on flat rate or percentage

For each Fee that you setup, you can define a Flat Dollar amount or Percentage and then Apply it to one of the options.

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Credit Memos and Unapplied Payments

You can use unused credit memos or unapplied payments in the RECUR360 portal as a payment towards an existing invoice. In addition, let your customers pay online using their credit memos and unapplied payments.

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Show how many Credits were used on Customer Invoice

If Credit Memos were applied to an invoice, customer will be able to see the amount applied to invoice on emailed invoice.

Allow customers to use credit memos on open invoices

If your customer is choosing to pay online, they can use some or all of their credit memos for payment.

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Late Fees

Automatically generate late fee invoices for overdue invoices, by rules that you define. Choose when to send overdue notices, define fees, and more.

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Late Fees
Enable Grace Period

Enable a grace period before applying a late fee to invoices.

Late Fees
Exclude items from late fee default rules

Customize your late fee so that it will not apply to an invoice if a specific item is in the customers invoice.

Late Fees
Make Late Fee Based on Invoice Total or Invoice Balance

Choose whether the late fee should be based on the invoice total or the invoice balance.

Late Fees
Customize Late Fee per Customer

Turn late fees on or off on a customer level.

Late Fees
Set late fee based on flat rate or percentage

Choose whether the late fee should be a percentage based fee, or a flat rate.

Late Fees
Auto generate late fees based on when invoice is overdue

Choose to apply a late fee to all invoices based on if they are overdue or not.

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Term Discounts

Recur360 allows you to automatically use Term Discounts. With Term Discounts, you can provide a discount to your customers if they fully pay off their Invoices within X number of days after the Invoice date. The discount gets applied as a Credit Memo written to QuickBooks/applied to the Invoice. Currently QuickBooks Online does not offer this feature within QuickBooks, so this allows you to add the functionality within Recur360. Early payment discounts are always applied to the invoice with those terms if the invoice is paid within the number of days from the invoice date. If an invoice qualifies for early payment discount and you do not want the discount to be applied (either in Recur360 or from the Pay Online link) you will need to edit the invoice and change the terms on the invoice to one that does not use the early payment discount.

Customer Options

Customers can preview/receive their own discounts by paying through CC or ACH.

Flexible Payments

Record manual payments, process CC payments, or process ACH payments and have the discount apply.

Apply Discount to Multiple Invoices with One Payment

Receive One Payment Against Multiple Invoices and Have Discounts Automatically Apply To All.

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