Billing and royalty automation for your franchise

Auto calculate royalties, late fees, payments, and more by integrating your Franchise Operating System with RECUR360.

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True Billing Automation

Stop wasting time with manual admin work

With RECUR360, you can send invoices, follow up with automatic reminders, collect payments, and more directly in your accounting software.

Automate Your Invoicing

Utilize powerful automation features to free up labor to work on growth instead of wasting more time.

Strengthen Your Brand

Include your franchise logo where customers can pay invoices, view payment history, store payment methods, and more.

Automated Collections

Schedule automatic past due, expired payment info, and more notifications to be emailed straight to your customers.

An Enterprise API

Integrate your POS or front end platform with RECUR360 to automate invoices to Franchisees.

Royalty Fees

Connect RECUR360 to each of your Franchises' QuickBooks Desktop or Online. RECUR360 will sync their data to auto calculate Royalties and other technology fees. An invoice/payment will be created in the Franchisor's QuickBooks for each Franchisees' fees and an Expense/Check can be posted into the Franchisees' QuickBooks to account for the payment. RECUR360 fully automates the accounting related to all transactions between the Zor and Zee!

A Hands-Off Approach

Automation Made Possible

Built to support the unique needs of your business. We have you covered with all the tools to set-up, configure, automate, and grow your revenue.

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Increase Revenue

RECUR360 can automate your invoice-to-cash cycle and help you collect invoices that are typically written off at year-end or sent to collections.

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Reduce Overhead

Through successful automation, you can free up labor and resources that are typically spent on tracking down late payments and spend it on growing your franchise.

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Grow in Value

Increase your potential future earnings by integrating a system that will let you take control of your finances and work exactly the way you need it to.

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Start Small, Grow Fast

Streamline your financial processes

We offer a cost-effective solution with various tiers to allow you to start small and grow fast. Our proprietary RECUR360PAY for ACH and Credit Card Processing has the lowest rates in the industry.

Tier 1

Recurring Invoices and Payments

You can use our standard platform to setup a Recurring Invoice and Payment to your Franchisees. After setting up the recurring transaction you can update it based on the recurring interval (Weekly, Monthly ..) before it runs either by editing the transactions individually or using our Quick Edit feature to quickly edit line items in a spreadsheet like form. Tier 1 requires you to calculate your royalties and fees outside of the platform and enter in those values when you edit the transactions.

Tier 2

Invoice Exporter/Importer

Through our transaction exporter/importer you can export your Recurring Invoices into CSV, then update the data in the CSV file and reimport prior to the next processing date. This is a faster way to update the data based on your calculations.

Tier 3


We have a fully published API that allows your programmers to write data into our platform. With our API you could calculate all your royalties and fees through your front end/POS systems and then write over the changes to the data into the recurring transactions before their next processing date.

Tier 4

Custom Integrations

We offer a full custom integration solution where our internal programmers can write an integration with your software systems to pull the data in, calculate it and update the recurring transactions before their next interval. Or we can connect to each franchisee’s QuickBooks and pull the data from their financials to create the calculations and update the recurring transactions automatically. Programming fees vary based on complexity of integrations or royalty and fee methodologies.

Love for Recur360

We needed a solution to record weekly payments from our customers that was scalable and automatic based on our data in SalesForce. Andrew Abrams listened and understood our need and suggested an approach that made a lot of sense right away. The developers created a custom API connection to SalesForce that allowed for payment schedules to automatically create Recurring Invoices in Recur360. We have ample customization to allow for the uniqueness of our Franchisees' accounting setups while maintaining core consistency and scalability.

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