RECUR360 Monthly Pricing

NOTE: Sales Tax will be charged in addition for states where we have Sales Tax Nexus. Additional ACH and CC fees may apply.

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RECUR360 Platform

Access to our RECUR360 Accounts Receivable Platform Monthly Fee

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Credit Card and ACH Processing Account Monthly Fee


RECUR360pay PCI Compliance Monthly Fee

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Total Base Monthly Fees: $108.99

Per Transaction Fees:

Per Transaction Fees:

RECUR360 Platform Support and Maintenance Fee $0.15

RECUR360pay per/ACH Fee $0.50

• 3-5 Business Day Funding / Standard ACH limit is $1,000

• Next day funding and higher limits available upon request with 3 months bank statement

RECUR360pay per/Credit Card Transaction Fee $0.50

RECUR360pay per/Credit Card % Fee 2.8%

• Qualified Rate 2 Business Day Funding

Additional Options Available

Contact us if you are interested in adding any of the following to your monthly subscription.

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Platform Integrations and Features Available:

Additional User Login: $5/month

Enterprise API Integration: $100/month

Avalara API Integration: $100/month

Clover API Integration: $100/month

Scheduled Recurring Invoice Changes: $100/month

Transaction Exporter/Importer/Updater: $10/month*

Advanced Menu: $10/month*

* Minimum 12 months required
Credit Card Payment Processing Options:

Accelerated Funding: Accelerated Funding which provides you with Next Business Day deposits into your bank account.


Daily Net Billing: Which means transaction fees are deducted daily, before your account is funded. Save .03% by choosing this option. This means your Qualified Credit Card rate would be the 2.77% instead of 2.8%.

.03%/Transaction Discount

Account Updater: A service that reduces declines by automatically updating your customers' card on file data when information such as Expiration Date, Address or CVV changes. The cost of this service is $1 per update.