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Create logins for each of your staff, allowing them to access the same RECUR360 account. Specify different permissions per login, allowing one admin to always be in control.

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User Account Security

Lock down access so your users can only see specific customers based on customer type and other criteria.

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Set Permissions Per Login and Restrict Access

Add different users to your RECUR360 account and give them access to different parts of your account. You can choose to give access to some or all of RECUR360's features, such as invoices, customers, items, and more.

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Add Multiple Logins to Your Account

Create new logins, giving them access to your RECUR360 account. The original login that created the RECUR360 account is the admin login and has full control over the account. This login is also the only login that can do certain actions such as managing billing details for the account or close the account. Any additional logins created can get access to any other aspect of the account, depending on what permissions you give them.

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