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Automated QuickBooks Deposits

With RECUR360PAY's Automated QuickBooks Deposits, RECUR360 will record or queue a sync task to create a QuickBooks Deposit with payments from the Funding Summary Report a day after funding.

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Automated Deposits

When a deposit syncs over to RECUR360 during a RECUR360PAY sync, new deposits that are funded will automatically write to QuickBooks based on your settings. For QuickBooks Desktop, Deposits cannot be negative. In the case where there is a negative RECUR360PAY deposit, an additional line will be added to the QuickBooks deposit pointed to a clearing account zeroing out the deposit. A bank transfer will then also be written to QuickBooks transferring the negative amount between the clearing account and bank account appropriately. Read more about the new Automated Deposits feature by visiting the new setting in Settings->Payment Processors.

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Deposit Notifications

You can enable a notification to receive an email whenever a new RECUR360PAY deposit is detected by RECUR360. The email provides high-level details about the deposit(s), and you can click on any Funding ID in the Deposits Report for more information.

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Deposits Report

View a Deposits report in the Reports section to see information about your deposits. With the automated deposits feature enabled, you can also overwrite previous RECUR360PAY deposits in QuickBooks that have already synced to RECUR360.


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