Automate your recurring invoicing workflow by simplifying the process, management and reporting on your monthly transactions.

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Elevate your accounting experience with RECUR360, with better features than your accounting software. Take full control of your workflow by customizing it to perfectly align with your specific needs. With RECUR360, you have the flexibility to send invoices in the manner that suits you best, at your preferred timing, and with all the small details that matter. Embrace the freedom to tailor your invoicing process to perfection.

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Set up custom emails that can be automated to send to yourself to alert you of specific actions taken by your customers or useful information about recent invoices and payments.

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Get Customer Payment Method Updated Email

You can add an email as a BCC on a customer’s email to get an email anytime a customer has updated their payment method.

Get Transaction Processing Error Email

Receive an email anytime a transaction has failed to process.

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Email and Invoice Settings

RECUR360’s settings give you powerful control in customizing invoices and emails to align with what you need. From adding your logo to fine-tuning the content, formatting, and delivery timing, RECUR360 ensures that every aspect of your invoices and emails can be tailored to perfection.

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Email and Invoice Settings
Customize the Subject on Customer Emails

Customize the subject line on any email that goes out to the customer.

Email and Invoice Settings
Customize your company color on emailed Invoices

Put your company branding on invoices by customizing the primary color that will appear on customer invoices.

Email and Invoice Settings
Add your company Logo to Invoices

Upload your company logo and have it appear right at the top of every emailed invoice you send.

Email and Invoice Settings
Create custom fields and sync with QuickBooks

Select which custom fields from QuickBooks you would like to use in RECUR360.

Email and Invoice Settings
Delete Item After Next Invoice

Remove individual line item from invoice after the next time it processes. (Useful for one time (setup) type items.)

Email and Invoice Settings
Generate Invoice ID’s and Customize

You can set RECUR360 to automatically generate Invoice ID’s, and customize them to your liking.

Email and Invoice Settings
Choose behavior when open invoices sync into RECUR360

Anytime any open invoice in QuickBooks syncs into RECUR360 that RECUR360 is not aware of, choose how to handle it.

Email and Invoice Settings
Other 1 and Other 2 Field Support

Other 1 and Other 2 fields will sync with invoices they are applied to.

Email and Invoice Settings
Show customer unapplied credits/payments

Show the customer’s unapplied credits/payments on their emailed invoice.

Email and Invoice Settings
Show customer open balance

On a customer’s invoice, choose whether you’d like to include the customer’s total open balance.

Invoice Attachments

Customize your emailed invoices to include everything you need them to. Choose to include a PDF invoice in custom emails, add a payment authorization form, and more.
Invoice Attachments

Sync Invoice Attachments From Accounting Software

Choose if you’d like invoice attachments that have synced over to RECUR360 from QuickBooks to be included in invoice emails RECUR360 sends.

Invoice Attachments

Hide the Sales Tax field in invoices when the Sales Tax is Zero

You can choose to hide the sales tax field in all emailed invoices and PDFs when the sales tax is $0.

Invoice Attachments

Include payment authorization form in PDF

Choose to include a payment authorization form to the PDF that is attached to customer invoice emails.

Invoice Attachments

Choose to include PDF with emailed invoices

Choose if you’d like to include a printable PDF of your invoice with the emailed invoice.

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Create new logins for each of your staff or clients, allowing them to access the same RECUR360 account. Specify different user permissions per login, allowing one admin to always be in control. Limit sections, customers, invoices, and more per user.

User Account Security

Lock down access so your users can only see specific customers based on customer type and other criteria.

Set Permissions Per Login and Restrict Access

RECUR360 can have individual user logins with different security access for each login.

Add Multiple Logins to Your Account

Expand your team and add in additional user logins for your RECUR360 account. These can be customized based on how much you want them to be able to control.

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