Recent Updates

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General Updates

  • Recur360 Payments: You can now process payments using Recur360 Payments! Contact us if you would like to sign up for Recur360 Payments for your payment processing.
  • USAePay: You can now link your USAePay processor with Recur360.




General Updates

  • Stripe: Use Stripe for recurring invoices and payments in QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
  • Apply Customer Payment Method To All: If you go to edit a customer, next to every one of their payment details is now an "Apply To All" button. Clicking on that will update every future recurring invoice, payment, and scheduled payment with that payment method!
  • Customer Payment Method Update Email: If any of your customers update/store their payment details through the email payment link, both you and them will receive an email confirming that action.
  • Recurring Invoice Prorating: If you select the checkbox to prorate a recurring invoice, that has been updated to now charge the customer the prorated amount on whatever date you select as the start date. The future recurring intervals will then be for the full amount.
  • Split Invoice and Payment Dates: Now you can set your recurring invoices to invoice on one day and process the payment automatically X days later! When the recurring invoice processes, a Scheduled Payment will be created. If you go to the particular invoice details or visit the new Scheduled Payments report, you can see info about upcoming scheduled payments and have the ability to cancel them.
  • Recurring Invoice Overdue Email Settings: Recurring invoices can now be configured so that overdue notice emails get sent every X days until the invoice is paid!
  • Even More:
    • You can now set a phone number different from your account phone number to be displayed on your emails by going to Settings->Emails and updating the company phone number there.
    • The Recur360 Payment history report will display cash/check under the type column for cash/check payments made in Recur360.
    • You can now create a recurring invoice right from a customer. If you visit any customer details, there is a "Create new Recurring Invoice" button that can be pressed to get the processed started.
    • There are also various other behind the scenes performance improvements and bug fixes!

QuickBooks Desktop Integration Updates

  • Inventory Parts: Recurring invoices now support the use of Inventory Part type items.




General Updates

  • Manual Payment Reference/Check #: Now if you manually process a payment in the admin panel and choose the "Cash/Check" payment method, you can enter in a "Reference/Check #" that will be written with the payment into QuickBooks.
  • Email Payment Link: In Settings->Email, under the "Payment Link Settings" area, you can now choose to have a different payment processor used for card payments and ach payments. Also if users choose to store their payment details, the confirmation popup will now state that their details were stored. The Recurring Invoices page now has a "Payment Type" column stating if the invoice is set to automatically collect Card or ACH payments as well.
  • Make An Invoice Recurring: If you visit the page with the details of any invoice, there is now a "Make Recurring" button in the upper right. Clicking that will fill in the "Add New Recurring Invoice" page with all of that invoices details, allowing you to fill in the frequency/other fields and quickly create a recurring invoice. (If the invoice contains item types that are not supported by Recur360 recurring invoices, those items will not be added to the recurring invoice.)
  • Email History Report CSV: You can now export a CSV from the Email History Report.
  • Expired Session Redirect: If you leave Recur360 open without any interaction and your session expires, the next time you search in a table/redirect the page, you will be notified of your expired session and automatically redirected to the login page.




General Updates - Our Largest Update To Date!

  • Recurring Payments: Now you can schedule recurring payments, either against an existing invoice or against an existing customer, by going to Recurring Payments in the side menu. For example if you had an open invoice with a balance of $120.00 and the client agreed to pay $10/month, you could create a recurring payment for $10/month against that invoice.
  • Collections Center: Recur360 now imports all of your open invoices from QuickBooks! You can visit Collections Center in the side menu to view any open invoice. You can then view the details, process payments, or schedule reminder emails to help you get paid quicker!
  • Email Payment Links: Your recipients can now pay for their invoices right from their email! By visiting Settings->Email, under "Payment Link Settings", you can enable a payment link to be added to all of your outgoing emails. If recipients click on that link, they will be brought to a page listing out all of their open invoices, giving them the ability to pay for any and also allowing for them to store their payment details for automatic use for all future transactions!
  • New Reports: You can now view the "Payment History" report to see a list of all successful payments. You can also view the "Email History" report to view all pending and sent emails from Recur360 to your recipients.
  • Much More: The following are a few examples of the variety of other new updates incorporated throughout the platform. When you click on a "Process Payment" button next to an invoice, you can now choose the Cash/Check payment method to write a payment to QuickBooks without any processing occurring. If a customer has a Customer Account #, it will now be included in invoice/payment emails. You can now set the number of days after an invoice is overdue to send the collection notice when creating a recurring invoice. Many invoice numbers throughout the system are now clickable and can bring you to the Invoice Details page.
  • (QuickBooks Desktop Users: A sync task has been queued for your account, be sure to run the web connector immediately to begin using all of these new features. The first time you sync with this update may take considerably longer depending on the size of your QuickBooks file. After this initial sync, future syncs should be quicker.)




General Updates

  • When adding Payment Details to a customer, you can now easily set a unique billing address for each card added.
  • If any recurring invoice had any type of error, a checkbox will appear on the Recurring Invoices screen allowing you to easily filter to those errored recurring invoices.
  • The card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc) is now displayed with any card payment details in a customer record.

QuickBooks Online Integration Updates

  • When creating/editing a customer in Recur360, there is now support for more fields including notes, taxable, exemption details, default tax code, preferred payment method, default terms, and preferred delivery method.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration Updates

  • Support for QuickBooks Desktop for Canada has now been added.
  • When creating/editing a customer in Recur360, there is now support for more fields including account number, payment terms, preferred payment method, tax code, tax item, resale number, customer type, and rep.
  • When creating/editing a recurring invoice, you can now choose a Rep to be automatically set for any created invoices.




General Updates

  • Export a CSV of your Recurring Invoices by clicking the button at the bottom of the Recurring Invoices section.




General Updates

  • Invoice emails can now be resent within Recur360. To do this, visit an invoice in the Reports or Customer Invoices section and push the "Send Email" button. The emails will have the latest balance/payment on them based on what is synced in Recur360.




General Updates

  • Support for international characters has now been added. Characters such as è, ü, and ߟ can now be used and sync between Recur360 and QuickBooks.




General Updates

  • The PDF that is emailed with Invoices that have a balance due can now include a payment authorization form. Visit Settings->Email to learn more and enable this feature.




General Updates

  • All invoice/paid invoice emails now have a new PDF with details of the transaction attached to them.
  • Recurring invoices can now be set to a frequence of "every X months on the X day of each month." This allows for biannual and quarterly invoices.
  • Your next Recur360 billing date and amount can be viewed in Settings->Account.
  • Most lists now default to 20 results, recurring invoices page sorts by customer by default.
  • The date of an invoice is added to invoice emails.
  • If the Elavon payment processor is connected and billing details are added to a customer with a billing zip code longer than 5 digits, only the first five digits will send to Elavon per their requirements.
  • Users can now sign up with Intuit Single Sign On. This allows users to sign up and login with their Intuit account.
  • A welcome email gets sent out when signing up.
  • The home page of Recur360 has a link to a FAQ section.

QuickBooks Online Integration Updates

  • Line items on recurring invoices can have negative values. (The overall invoice total must be positive.)
  • When connecting QuickBooks Online to Recur360, there is now a page detailing how to turn "Custom Transaction Numbers" off, allowing Invoice numbers to automatically be created.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration Updates

  • Invoice and payment syncing in the sync log now display the name of the related customer as well as a link to their record.
  • Customers marked inactive in QuickBooks Desktop will be removed from Recur360.