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  • Lois Valentino Success
    $366 Charged Every Thursday
  • Kerry Mendoza Success
    $608 Charged Every Month
  • Donald Oconnell Success
    $121 Charged Every Year
  • Global Corp. Success
    $971 Charged Every Third Friday
  • Thompson Reality Success
    $145 Charged Every Other Month
Featured in CFO Tech Outlook

Featured in the Billing and Invoicing Special edition of CFO Tech Magazine, Recur360 Cofounders, Andrew Abrams and Lisa McCarthy, talk about their experience creating the product and how it can help businesses manage recurring invoices.

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Get paid faster.

Recur360® was built for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online as a Recurring Customer Invoicing, Customer Payments and Accounts Receivable Collections platform. We enhance, simplify and automate the process of setting up Recurring Invoices to your customers, processing Payments against those invoices via Credit Card or ACH, emailing the invoices/payments to the customers as well as posting them into QuickBooks. If you don't have recurring invoicing needs, you can use Recur360 as a Collections tool to automate email notifications to customers to pay invoices online via our Customer Pay Online Portal. For Enterprise customers that have front end systems or custom software packages that are used to manage your business, Recur360 can be used as an integrator or middleware to sync transactions between your system and QuickBooks.

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Create automated, recurring invoices and payments

Recurring Invoicing

Recur360 replaces your Memorized Invoices and Recurring Payments in QuickBooks Desktop or Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online, and allows you to manage them in one simple dashboard.

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Recurring Payments

Recur360 allows you to create Recurring Payments against Open Invoices or Recurring Unapplied Payments against Accounts Receivable and post them directly to QuickBooks.

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Send invoices as emails & PDFs for customers

Create automated, recurring invoices and payments


The Collections Center syncs all Open Invoices from QuickBooks Desktop or Online so that you can manage and schedule collections or past due notifications all from one dashboard.

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Customer Payment Portal

Emails generated from Recur360 are sent to customers containing a Pay Online Link. The Pay Online Link takes them to a portal where they can select and choose to pay any or all Open Invoices as well as define how much they want to pay against those invoices. The portal also shows Past Invoices so customers can resend themselves copies of those Invoices.

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Recur360 Online Payment Portal for Customers to Pay Invoices Online

Total Payments Processed with Recur360 so far:

That's why people are saying things like this:
"We use Recur360 for one our clients and it has been extremely helpful for them. AR is finally under control!"
Michael Ayotte
Bookkeeper, Bitdigit LLC
"Shockingly Simple! Having recently migrated from another SaaS accounting platform to QuickBooks Online, we noticed some holes in the recurring billing right off the bat. It's no secret than app that works this well, supported by the developers and as visually pleasing as Recur360. Seeing (and saving) is believing so don't waste your time browsing through the sea of other apps."
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John Tripolsky
JTE Marketing Group
"I also might consider this App just as an Invoice method that afforded multiple payment options and I didn't want to use Intuit Payments. So, if you have been looking for some other way to manage recurring invoicing, payments and/or merchant accounting processing then you want to at least give Recur360 a first look."
William Murphy
Insightful Accountant
"I have tried a few recurring payment programs and I always end up frustrated and not wanting to use it after a while. Recur360 has been great from the beginning and I'm still using it a couple months into it. The recurring invoice templates are detailed and precise enough to replace a lot of our previous processes."
Customer Review
QuickBooks Desktop
"Recur360 allows me to enter monthly billing once and I can forget it about and it runs by itself each month. Then, if there are any declines I get a report available and emailed to me on who needs new cards. Also, you can be proactive and run a report to see what cards will be expiring soon and you can reach out to clients to update before the billing runs. Makes life so much easier!!!"
Customer Review
QuickBooks Online

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