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From Recurring Invoicing to Payment Processing, you can automate it with RECUR360. With features like Sales Tax Calculation, Late Fees, Net Terms Discounts, and even Convenience Fees built into our platform, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

For QuickBooks Desktop and Online, US Editions

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RECUR360 has been carefuly crafted to work exactly the way you need it to. We have you covered with all the tools to set-up, configure, automate, and grow your revenue.

QuickBooks QuickBooks + RECUR360
ACH Fees $.50/Transaction up to $5,000 - Large ACH Transactions up to $200,000
API for Updating Recurring Invoices
Alow customers to apply Credit Memos/Unapplied Received Payments in Pay Online Portal
Auto Apply Credit Memos/Unapplied Received Payments during Recurring Invoice/Payment creation
Auto Apply Terms Discounts when Payment is made online or manually internally
Auto Delete Recurring Invoice Line Items after X amount of occurrences or based on an End Date
Automatic Convenience Fees based on Credit Card or ACH Payment Method at time of Payment (Override based on Customer or Transaction)
Automatic Email Notifications for Cards Expiring (Automatic Card Updater)
Automatic NSF (Insufficient Funds) Workflow Invoices (Automatic NSF Fees / Credit Card Charge Back Fees)
Collection Center (Accounts Receivable) allows for a Bulk Payment against one or more invoices and scheduling of emails
Dynamic Dates for Item and Memo Descriptions
Email Templates/Workflows based on Customer Type (Complete separate settings based on Customer Type)
Exclude certain Terms/Customer Types/Locations/Date Range from being visable on Pay Online Portal
Limit Customers Payment Options based on Credit Card or ACH or None
Login Security based on Customer Type, Location, Class, Module, limit ability to edit transactions
Open Invoice Sync to Process Payment/Schedule Payment/Schedule Emails
Pay Online Portal allows customer to update Contact Information, Payment Information
Pay Online Portal allows customers to pay for more than one invoice at a time and apply one payment to multiple invoices
Pay Online Portal shows all Open, Past and Future Recurring Invoices (Can exclude based on Terms/Customer Type/Location/Date Range)
Pending Invoices (Customer Pays Online and then automatically converts to Posted Invoice)
Recurring Invoice Exporter/Importer/Updater
Recurring Invoice Line Item Proration
Recurring Invoices can schedule payments based on X Days, Terms Due Date, Invoice Creation Date
Scheduled (Future) Recurring Invoice Changes Workflow and Customer Approval
Scheduled Payments against Open Invoice(s) (Select one or more invoices to apply payment to until Paid In Full)

Keep Your Accounts Receivable From Getting Out of Control

From invoice creation to payment collection, you can automate the whole process.

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Automated QuickBooks Deposits
Automated Deposits

RECUR360 can automatically write RECUR360PAY deposits to QuickBooks. Enable Automated Deposits to sync RECUR360PAY deposits automatically. For QuickBooks Desktop, negative deposits will have an extra line to zero out the deposit, with a bank transfer to adjust the accounts.op, negative deposits will include an extra line to zero out the deposit, with a bank transfer written to adjust the accounts.

Automated QuickBooks Deposits
Deposit Notifications

You can enable a notification to receive an email whenever a new RECUR360PAY deposit is detected by RECUR360. The email provides high-level details about the deposit(s), and you can click on any Funding ID in the Deposits Report for more information.

Automated QuickBooks Deposits
Deposits Report

View a Deposits report in the Reports section to see information about your deposits. With the automated deposits feature enabled, you can also overwrite previous RECUR360PAY deposits in QuickBooks that have already synced to RECUR360.

Credit Memos and Unapplied Payments
Show how many Credits were used on Customer Invoice

If Credit Memos were applied to an invoice, customer will be able to see the amount applied to invoice on emailed invoice.

Get Customer Payment Method Updated Email

You can add an email as a BCC on a customer’s email to get an email anytime a customer has updated their payment method.

Get Transaction Processing Error Email

Receive an email anytime a transaction has failed to process.

Get account summary email

With this alert turned on, you will receive an email with daily, weekly, or monthly account activity.

User Account Security

Lock down access so your users can only see specific customers based on customer type and other criteria.

Set Permissions Per Login and Restrict Access

RECUR360 can have individual user logins with different security access for each login.

Add Multiple Logins to Your Account

Expand your team and add in additional user logins for your RECUR360 account. These can be customized based on how much you want them to be able to control.

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