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Stay on top of your invoicing and billing processes with recurring invoices, recurring customer payments, and more, ensuring that your payments are always on track.

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Create, send, and manage invoices with ease.

RECUR360 offers flexible invoice scheduling to suit the unique needs of your business. Whether you need to send out one-time invoices or recurring invoices, our platform has got you covered. You can also keep track of missed invoices and open customer balances, and generate reports to gain insights into payment methods and more. With RECUR360, you can stay on top of your invoicing and billing processes, ensuring that your payments are always on track.

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Recurring Invoices

RECUR360 replaces your Memorized Invoices and Recurring Payments in QuickBooks Desktop or Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online, and allows you to manage them in one simple dashboard.

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Recurring Invoices
Customize Overdue message Based on How Many Days have Passed

You can customize the generic message that gets included on overdue emails based on how many days past due it is.

Recurring Invoices
Split Invoice and Payment Date

You can choose to process a payment for a recurring invoice after a specific amount of days after the invoice date.

Recurring Invoices
Import or Export to CSV

Import or export a list of recurring invoices from RECUR360. You can update the CSV and import back into RECUR360 to make changes.

Recurring Invoices
Process payment no later than the last day of the month

Choose to process payment no later than the last day of the month.

Recurring Invoices
Duplicate Recurring Invoice and All Settings for New Customer

Duplicate Recurring invoice and all settings for a different saved customer in your RECUR360 account.

Recurring Invoices
Hold Emails Until RECUR360 is Synced with QuickBooks

Only send invoice emails after RECUR360 has synced the invoice with QuickBooks Desktop.

Recurring Invoices
Add custom internal notes to an invoice

Add notes in RECUR360 to an invoice as reminders to come back to next time you edit or view the invoice.

Recurring Invoices
Mark as to be Printed or Emailed in QuickBooks Desktop

Choose if you want to mark an invoice to be Printed or Emailed in QuickBooks Desktop.

Recurring Invoices
Prorate or Backdate Invoices

Create invoice today for prorated (backdated) portion of Interval. Each item on the recurring invoice can be selected to be excluded from proration (full price).

Recurring Invoices
Auto process into QuickBooks with Invoice

Process payment method selected and post to QuickBooks with invoice.

Recurring Customer Payments

Manage recurring payments and create payment plans, quickly and easily send your customer an emailed receipts, and auto post into QuickBooks as an Unapplied Payment.

Link Recurring Payment to existing invoice.

You can choose to link a recurring payment to an existing invoice.

Show Customer Remaining Balance Due as They Pay

After a payment is applied, show your customer the remaining amount they owe.

Recurring Customer Payment Plans

Let your customer pay you a pre-defined amount over a set amount of time.

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Online Customer Payments

Let your customers pay their invoices through our customizable online payment portal. They can view past invoices, pay multiple at once, or even pay a partial amount.
Online Customer Payments

Process as a Single Payment if Multiple Invoices are Selected

Have Payments that are made through the Online Payment Portal process as a single payment if multiple invoices are selected.

Online Customer Payments

Choose if Customers Can Auto Store Their Payment Method

Allow customers to automatically store and use their payment details for future transactions to be checked by default in the Invoice Link.

Online Customer Payments

Let Customers Make Partial Payments

Choose to let customers submit a payment for an amount that is less than the full amount due.

Online Customer Payments

Allow Customer to View Some or All Current and Past Invoices

You can choose to let the customer see some or all of their current and past invoices when they visit the online payment portal.

Online Customer Payments

Include pay now link in emails

You can choose to turn the online payment portal on or off. This will enable customers to pay their invoices online.

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Automated QuickBooks Deposits

With RECUR360PAY’s Automated QuickBooks Deposits, a day after your transactions are Funded, RECUR360 will record or queued a sync task to create a Deposit in QuickBooks with the payments that were on the Funding Summary Report in MerchantTrack.

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Automated Deposits

RECUR360 can automatically write RECUR360PAY deposits to QuickBooks. Enable Automated Deposits to sync RECUR360PAY deposits automatically. For QuickBooks Desktop, negative deposits will have an extra line to zero out the deposit, with a bank transfer to adjust the accounts.op, negative deposits will include an extra line to zero out the deposit, with a bank transfer written to adjust the accounts.

Deposit Notifications

You can enable a notification to receive an email whenever a new RECUR360PAY deposit is detected by RECUR360. The email provides high-level details about the deposit(s), and you can click on any Funding ID in the Deposits Report for more information.

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Other Invoices

RECUR360 offers multiple ways to manage your invoices. You can create one-time invoices, pending invoices, and utilize our system to manage quotes or estimates.

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Converted Invoices

You can convert a RECUR360 pending invoice so it's not pending. This will write it to QuickBooks and is useful for quotes or estimates.

Pending Invoices

When you create a new invoice, you can choose to set it to be a RECUR360 Pending Invoice so it does not sync to your accounting software until after a payment is made.


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