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RECUR360 costs $79/month, with a number of powerful add-ons available. Check out what we can offer below. Not sure if it will work for you? Try our free 2 week trial.

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RECUR360 Pricing

NOTE: Sales Tax will be charged in addition for states where we have Sales Tax Nexus. Additional ACH and CC fees may apply.

RECUR360 Monthly Plan

Monthly Fee: $79/month*

Includes: 2 users, unlimited customers, unlimited invoices, accept credit card & ACH payments, branded email templates, QuickBooks Desktop Support, Unlimited Email Sends, integrations with Avalara Avatax and Smarty Streets. BONUS: Includes one free Remote Desktop user per account**

*An additional charge of $.15 per payment transaction processed through our platform will be assessed at the end of each month.

Additional Add-ons available:

Additional Users

2 users are included in the standard monthly fee

Each additional user: $5/month

RECUR360 Payments via Paya

for payment processing

ACH and Credit Card Processing starting at $20/month.

RECUR360 Payments via Paya

If you don't have an existing merchant processor or are interested in better rates, sign up for RECUR360 Payments via Paya.

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Maximize the efficiency of your invoicing process to create a smooth flow. From late fees to online payments, we've got you covered.

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