RECUR360 puts Recurring payments in
QuickBooks Desktop and Online

RECUR360 automates your recurring invoicing workflow by simplifying the process, management and reporting on your monthly transactions. RECUR360 allows you to connect to the Merchant Processor of your choice for Credit Card and ACH/EFT while still posting all those transactions into QuickBooks as Invoices and Received Payments.

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Recurring invoices in QuickBooks with RECUR360

In QuickBooks Online, all recurring Sales Transactions with Automated Payments are recorded as Sales Receipts only. If you allow for manual payments then the transaction is recorded as an Invoice instead of a Sales Receipt. If the Payment on the Sales Receipt fails to process in QuickBooks Online, the transaction doesn't process at all. With RECUR360, even if the payment fails, an Invoice is still posted to QuickBooks Online allowing you to process a payment manually in QuickBooks Online or try to reprocess it again in RECUR360. Either way, it's always an Invoice and Received Payment that you'll see in the customer's transaction list. In addition, in QuickBooks Online, all Recurring Transactions are co-mingled with other recurring transactions such as Bills, Checks, General Journal Entries. This makes it complicated to view only your Recurring Invoices and report on them. RECUR360 separates your Sales from all other aspects of your accounting.

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Automated Invoices Icon

Automated Invoices

Create and automate the email of scheduled reporting related to recurring transactions, including ACH transations.

Automated Notices Icon

Automated Notices

Automatically email expiration notices, declines, contract end dates, notices on past due invoices, etc.

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Automated Setup

Migrate between QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions without having to reset up all the recurring invoice transactions and payments.

Automatic Payments between QuickBooks and RECUR360

How to Set Up Recurring Payments in QuickBooks

Manage subscription oriented recurring charges that need auto proration of the first month when a signup occurs mid-month. Today, this is something that has to be calculated manually, entered as a single invoice and/or payment transaction for the partial month, and THEN setup as a separate recurring transaction for the full amount for all future months. This is very time consuming for the end user and so they look for other solutions to manage this. RECUR360 fixes all of this.

Fully Automated Transactions

Automatically email invoices (with or without a recurring payment attached). Intuit recurring payments can do this for invoices that have an attached payment. Those invoices that need to get auto-emailed as "requests" for payment have to be managed in QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online via a manually initiated batch or individual email. You shouldn't have to manage half of your transactions in one solution (recurring payments) and the other portion manually in QuickBooks. RECUR360 makes it all recurring transactions (paid or not) in one application, AND makes it happen automatically without touching anything once it's setup.

QuickBooks Recurring Payments with RECUR360

RECUR360 can revolutionize your workflow.

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