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Our goal is to improve your workflow by creating our own platforms like RECUR360, reliable IT support, and awesome software integrations to save you both time and money.

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About RECUR360 Technologies

We are an experienced team that come from various backgrounds in technology. We work with cutting-edge technologies to create more useful software integrations and platforms that are simple to use, along with providing consulting and support for IT and hosting. Our team works from multiple locations from around the country, but we work together to bring you the best experience possible.

We welcome your feedback as we continually look for ways to improve the RECUR360 experience.

The RECUR360 Technologies Team

Andrew Abrams


Kimberly Abrams

Director of HR and Training

Nick Ashenden

Senior Software Engineer

Jonathan Beres

Senior Graphic and Web Designer

Barb Fidler

Senior Consultant & RECUR360 Manager

Tanya Gygi

Software Engineer

Josh Karmasin

Manager of Hosting Services

Chad Lampton

Director of Managed Services and Hosting

Andrew Schaeffler

Hosting & IT Services Specialist

Michael Uffenbeck

Senior Software Engineer

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