Lower Payment Processing Fees

RECUR360 offers integrated payments powered by Paya, providing you with an all-in-one payment solution. If you haven't reviewed what you're paying in processing fees, you might be missing out on huge savings.

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ACH & Credit Card Processing

An all-in-one solution

By partnering with Paya, we can bring you a seemless end-to-end experience for your customers:

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Processing Fees

If you don't have an existing merchant processor or are interested in better rates, sign up for RECUR360 Payments via Paya.

Please note that the Fees listed below are in addition to the RECUR360 Everything Plan.



Additional ACH Processing Fees

Per transaction 3-5 Day Funding $0.50

Batch Fee $0.10

Additional Fee for amounts over $5,000 0.30%

Invalid TIN Mismatch $35

ACH Return Fee $5

Reversal $5

Charge Back Fee $25

Additional Credit Card Processing Fees

Qualified Rate 2.8%

Per Transaction $0.50

Annual PCI Compliance Fee $75/year

Chargeback $25

Reversal $5

Per Auth Fee $0.25

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ACH & Credit Card Processing

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