General Features

RECUR360 features everything you need to manage your invoices and sync them with Quickbooks.

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Fully Automated Transactions

RECUR360 will automatically process the Invoice, Credit Card or ACH Payment, email a PDF receipt and post the transactions into QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Unlimited Customers and Transactions

RECUR360 allows you to create new customers or manage existing customers' information. You can setup multiple Payment methods per Customer.

Manage your Invoices in One Place

RECUR360 simplifies managing your customers payments with a single dashboard for all of your Recurring Invoices, regardless of payment type or recurring interval.

Collection Notices Email

If a Recurring Invoice has Net Terms, RECUR360 will automatically send out late/collection notices if a payment hasn't been received by the Due Date.

View Expiring Credit Cards

RECUR360 makes it simple to manage when customer payment methods are expiring by sending out an advanced notice to your customer. Be proactive in getting updated information before your transaction processes.

Enhanced Automation

Whether you create invoices in QuickBooks directly or import your invoices into QuickBooks from other platforms like TransactionPro Importer, or LOCATE Inventory, RECUR360 can fully automate Processing Payments, Sending Emails in Batch and Following up Collections.

Auto Generate Late Fee Invoices

Automatically generate late fee invoices for overdue invoices, by rules that you define.

Auto Import Invoices from QuickBooks

Automatically Import invoices from QuickBooks into your RECUR360 account, ready to use.

Auto Email Invoices upon Import

Automatically email invoices to your customers, at any interval you want.

Auto Process Payments upon Import

Automatically email payment reminders to your customers, at a custom interval before due date.

User Account Security

Lock down access so your users can only see specific customers based on customer type and other criteria.

Create new logins for each of your staff or clients, allowing them to access the same RECUR360 account. Specify different user permissions per login, allowing one admin to always be in control. Limit sections, customers, invoices, and more per user.

Spend Less time in QuickBooks

With RECUR360's advanced sync with QuickBooks, nearly everything can be done in RECUR360. Creating invoices, processing payments, and accounts receivable are all available right in RECUR360.

Integrates with QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise and Online

  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online directly via the QuickBooks Online API.
  • Integrates with Intuit Payments and all other Payment Processers via their APIs.
  • Passes all Credit Card and ACH payment information to the Payment Processors and is passed back a secure token so that no customer payment information is stored within our system.
  • In order to be listed on or marketplaces, RECUR360 must meet the Technical and Security Requirements by Intuit.

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