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Automate your recurring invoicing workflow by simplifying the process, management and reporting on your monthly transactions.

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Get Customer Payment Method Updated Email

You can add an email as a BCC on a customer’s email to get an email anytime a customer has updated their payment method.

Get Transaction Processing Error Email

Receive an email anytime a transaction has failed to process.

Get account summary email

With this alert turned on, you will receive an email with daily, weekly, or monthly account activity.

Email and Invoice Settings
Customize the Subject on Customer Emails

Customize the subject line on any email that goes out to the customer.

Customize your company color on emailed Invoices

Put your company branding on invoices by customizing the primary color that will appear on customer invoices.

Add your company Logo to Invoices

Upload your company logo and have it appear right at the top of every emailed invoice you send.

Create custom fields and sync with QuickBooks

Select which custom fields from QuickBooks you would like to use in RECUR360.

Delete Item After Next Invoice

Remove individual line item from invoice after the next time it processes. (Useful for one time (setup) type items.)

Generate Invoice ID’s and Customize

You can set RECUR360 to automatically generate Invoice ID’s, and customize them to your liking.

Choose behavior when open invoices sync into RECUR360

Anytime any open invoice in QuickBooks syncs into RECUR360 that RECUR360 is not aware of, choose how to handle it.

Other 1 and Other 2 Field Support

Other 1 and Other 2 fields will sync with invoices they are applied to.

Show customer unapplied credits/payments

Show the customer’s unapplied credits/payments on their emailed invoice.

Show customer open balance

On a customer’s invoice, choose whether you’d like to include the customer’s total open balance.

Invoice Attachments
Sync Invoice Attachments From Accounting Software

Choose if you’d like invoice attachments that have synced over to RECUR360 from QuickBooks to be included in invoice emails RECUR360 sends.

Hide the Sales Tax field in invoices when the Sales Tax is Zero

You can choose to hide the sales tax field in all emailed invoices and PDFs when the sales tax is $0.

Include payment authorization form in PDF

Choose to include a payment authorization form to the PDF that is attached to customer invoice emails.

Choose to include PDF with emailed invoices

Choose if you’d like to include a printable PDF of your invoice with the emailed invoice.

User Account Security

Lock down access so your users can only see specific customers based on customer type and other criteria.

Set Permissions Per Login and Restrict Access

RECUR360 can have individual user logins with different security access for each login.

Add Multiple Logins to Your Account

Expand your team and add in additional user logins for your RECUR360 account. These can be customized based on how much you want them to be able to control.

Invoices and Payments

Stay on top of your invoicing and billing processes with recurring invoices, recurring customer payments, and more, ensuring that your payments are always on track.

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Online Customer Payments
Process as a Single Payment if Multiple Invoices are Selected

Have Payments that are made through the Online Payment Portal process as a single payment if multiple invoices are selected.

Choose if Customers Can Auto Store Their Payment Method

Allow customers to automatically store and use their payment details for future transactions to be checked by default in the Invoice Link.

Let Customers Make Partial Payments

Choose to let customers submit a payment for an amount that is less than the full amount due.

Allow Customer to View Some or All Current and Past Invoices

You can choose to let the customer see some or all of their current and past invoices when they visit the online payment portal.

Include pay now link in emails

You can choose to turn the online payment portal on or off. This will enable customers to pay their invoices online.

Other Invoices
Converted Invoices

You can convert a RECUR360 pending invoice so it's not pending. This will write it to QuickBooks and is useful for quotes or estimates.

Pending Invoices

When you create a new invoice, you can choose to set it to be a RECUR360 Pending Invoice so it does not sync to your accounting software until after a payment is made.

One Time Invoices

Set up a new invoice and immediately have it created, written to your accounting software , emailed, and/or paid for based on what you set it up to do.

Recurring Customer Payments
Link Recurring Payment to existing invoice.

You can choose to link a recurring payment to an existing invoice.

Show Customer Remaining Balance Due as They Pay

After a payment is applied, show your customer the remaining amount they owe.

Recurring Customer Payment Plans

Let your customer pay you a pre-defined amount over a set amount of time.

Recurring Invoices
Customize Overdue message Based on How Many Days have Passed

You can customize the generic message that gets included on overdue emails based on how many days past due it is.

Split Invoice and Payment Date

You can choose to process a payment for a recurring invoice after a specific amount of days after the invoice date.

Import or Export to CSV

Import or export a list of recurring invoices from RECUR360. You can update the CSV and import back into RECUR360 to make changes.

Process payment no later than the last day of the month

Choose to process payment no later than the last day of the month.

Duplicate Recurring Invoice and All Settings for New Customer

Duplicate Recurring invoice and all settings for a different saved customer in your RECUR360 account.

Hold Emails Until RECUR360 is Synced with QuickBooks

Only send invoice emails after RECUR360 has synced the invoice with QuickBooks Desktop.

Add custom internal notes to an invoice

Add notes in RECUR360 to an invoice as reminders to come back to next time you edit or view the invoice.

Mark as to be Printed or Emailed in QuickBooks Desktop

Choose if you want to mark an invoice to be Printed or Emailed in QuickBooks Desktop.

Prorate or Backdate Invoices

Create invoice today for prorated (backdated) portion of Interval. Each item on the recurring invoice can be selected to be excluded from proration (full price).

Auto process into QuickBooks with Invoice

Process payment method selected and post to QuickBooks with invoice.


From automatically generating invoices to applying payments, RECUR360 does the heavy lifting for you, saving time and eliminating errors. Maximize your collections efficiency and accelerate cash flow with RECUR360's industry leading features.

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Automated Reminders and Notifications
Set a Reply-to Email Address and BCC on Customer Emails

Set a reply-to email address for emailed invoices. You can also choose to set a CC or BCC email address on emails.

Email Customer When Their Invoice is Due, Overdue, and Paid

Easily schedule automated emails to go out anytime a customer's invoice is due, overdue, or successfully paid.

Email Customer When Payment Fails

Schedule an automated email to go out if a customer's payment method fails.

Email customer before payment expires

Schedule an automated email to go out right before a customer's credit card is about to expire.

Collections Center
Syncs with Your Accounting Software

Invoices created in other systems that post into QuickBooks or get created directly in QuickBooks will get sync'd into RECUR360 on a daily basis.

Schedule a Payment to be Processed in the future

Set up a payment so that it's scheduled to be processed in the future.

Send or Schedule Email Notices for Multiple Invoices

Send or schedule email notice for multiple invoices with one click directly from Collection center screen

Enhanced Automation
Auto Process Payments Upon Import

Automatically email payment reminders to your customers, at a custom interval before due date.

Auto Email Invoices upon Import

Automatically email invoices to your customers, at any interval you want.

Auto Import Invoices from QuickBooks

Automatically Import invoices from QuickBooks into your RECUR360 account, ready to use.

Auto Generate Late Fee Invoices

Automatically generate late fee invoices for overdue invoices, by rules that you define.

Scheduled Payments Report

Use this report to view information about all upcoming scheduled payments.

Payment Methods Report

See detail of customer payment methods including how it was added to RECUR360.

Payment History Report

See all payments processed by RECUR360 for any date range

Payment Errors Report

Use this report to view information about any payment that had an error.

Invoice History Report

Use this report to view information about invoices.

Invoice Errors Report

Use this report to view information about any invoice that had an error.

Email History Report

Use this report to view information about sent/scheduled emails.

Credit Memos Report

Use this report to view information about credit memos that have synced to RECUR360.

View Customer Cards Expiring

Use this report to view information about credit/debit cards expiring.

Charges and Credits

Automatically generate late fees, convenience fees, and more, and apply them to invoices.

Learn more about Charges and Credits
Convenience Fees
Customize Convenience Fee Per Customer or Invoice

You can choose to override Convenience Fees on an invoice or a customer.

Add Convenience Fees for Any Payment Automatically

Add convenience fees for Credit Cards, ACH or any invoice payment automatically when a payment is processed.

Set convenience fee based on flat rate or percentage

For each Fee that you setup, you can define a Flat Dollar amount or Percentage and then Apply it to one of the options.

Credit Memos and Unapplied Payments
Show how many Credits were used on Customer Invoice

If Credit Memos were applied to an invoice, customer will be able to see the amount applied to invoice on emailed invoice.

Allow customers to use credit memos on open invoices

If your customer is choosing to pay online, they can use some or all of their credit memos for payment.

Use unused credit memos or unapplied payments as a payment

You can see how many unapplied payments a customer has, and choose to use them as a payment.

Late Fees
Enable Grace Period

Enable a grace period before applying a late fee to invoices.

Exclude items from late fee default rules

Customize your late fee so that it will not apply to an invoice if a specific item is in the customers invoice.

Make Late Fee Based on Invoice Total or Invoice Balance

Choose whether the late fee should be based on the invoice total or the invoice balance.

Customize Late Fee per Customer

Turn late fees on or off on a customer level.

Set late fee based on flat rate or percentage

Choose whether the late fee should be a percentage based fee, or a flat rate.

Auto generate late fees based on when invoice is overdue

Choose to apply a late fee to all invoices based on if they are overdue or not.

Term Discounts
Customer Options

Customers can preview/receive their own discounts by paying through CC or ACH.

Flexible Payments

Record manual payments, process CC payments, or process ACH payments and have the discount apply.

Apply Discount to Multiple Invoices with One Payment

Receive One Payment Against Multiple Invoices and Have Discounts Automatically Apply To All.